Parshas Haazinoo- devar torah

Haazinoo – insight.

A person’s soul drops into the physical, far away from its source. It becomes limited by where it has landed in the physical realm. How do we remove that limitation? Is it by becoming spiritual and reuniting with the world in which the soul originated? Or is it by balancing with the physical and its spiritual source?

Many people in all generations have attempted to create balance or connections in the physical and/or spiritual realms. They have worked on this balance for generations but neither the spiritual nor the physical is the ultimate. At the present time the structures of the world as we have known it appear ready to collapse. As in the past, the people who hold onto the old ways to try to achieve their salvation will cease to exist.

There is something new on our horizon. In order to enable it to emerge it is necessary for us to strive for beyond that with which we have become familiar. We must open ourselves up to the possibilities that exist beyond the realm that we live in today. This will bring much confusion to people who do not know that there is more to life than they have been taught to believe. But the change is indeed coming to us, so we had better ready ourselves.

Some individuals are acutely aware of their spiritual connection. Others are only aware of their physical being. However, most individuals are aware of something more than just the physical but they are often limited by the explanation or imagination of other people. Various structures or elements have attempted to create a balance by control or lack of control.

Sometimes we do not see what is right in front of us. At other times we can see but not well enough to be able to interpret and then express what is in our direct line of sight. This affects our personal judgment and reaction in all realms of life. This also affects the type of leaders who we elect or have and it affects what they see and do.

We try to find reasons for what happens or for what might happen. We wonder who to blame, whom we should vote for, to whom to turn for spiritual leadership. Yet in our search for clarity and definition we are often willing to accept that which is fed to us instead of seeking out the truth. While much has changed in the thousands of years of our history, the base of society still rests in the hands of those who exploit other people while they use a myriad of elements that play to prey on people’s emotions and minds. The responsibility for altering that reality rests with each individual. The potential is one that is vast and infinite in its possibilities and its capabilities.

Politics wastes billions of dollars and ruins people’s lives just to keep us focused on irrelevant issues that divert our attention from the ensuing corruption. The media plays a large part in that role. Religion correctly teaches us that there needs to be belief but at the same time does not always instruct us appropriately in exploring our proper connection with other people and with our Creator. Instead of focusing on ourselves, we have been taught the art of being judgmental in our zealous pursuits.

We can change things for the better by utilizing the power of our belief. People have contributed to the creation of many elements or aspects of the spiritual world. We are taught that the physical reflects the spiritual. This seems simple enough yet when you know that we also generate spiritual realms, everything takes on a different reality.

Moses stood on the mountain but did not cross over into the land. People who are spiritual often do not cross over into the physical. People whose focus is the physical often do not cross over to the spiritual. Everyone dies holding onto the limitations upheld by their beliefs.

People who try to convince others that they or some specific individual controls the world are suffering from delusion. Ultimately people die because people were created with limitations. What exists eternally is a force that is undefined and unlimited. It is time to reconnect with that undefined source so that we can live our lives to our fullest potential. It is an encompassing force that has protected us both internally and externally.

(Deut.32:52) From opposite you will see the land and from there you will not come to the land. When you want to cross the road or river, if you look at the road or river you will not come to the other side. However, if you look to the other side, you may be able to get there. Sometimes you come as far as you can see and hear. If those abilities are limited, then you will be limited. The converse, of course, is equally true. Your mind can unlock your ability to achieve your purpose and your destination.

There are spiritual reasons for doing some things in certain ways, yet most people are not taught about the spiritual objective that dictates their religious practice. Reasons that do not always make sense are “invented” for various practices. Some reasons have become outdated. It is no wonder that people are turned off and run away from religious practices. A further effect is that it turns people away from belief.

Many leaders are not schooled in, and therefore do not know, the spiritual reasons for certain things. Many of those who are aware and do quote spiritual reasoning are often not expansive enough to be able to recognize if their spiritual perspective is relevant or not. It is time to become more open to those issues and to reverse the trend. There is little time left and much to do.

Before applying law or structure one must be a decent person. Otherwise the structure will just be one that is abusive of people. Power corrupts people. The political and business world is full of corruption that is accepted as a normal way of life. Unfortunately this has become no less true of a percentage of those to whom we look for spiritual guidance.

We have to learn to listen, accept and love every part of creation. There is so much happening and we need to be in touch with the original source of all issues. Then when the proper moment comes we will be able to move beyond those things that held us down in the past.