Obama kills McCain in debate!!!

Never in all my years would I expect my father to say the following statement about a Republican “McCain is dead” is all he could say to me about the debate which he was listening to in his car because I don’t have a TV. This is a breakthrough because my dad, like most republicans, never admit it when they are wrong politically- but I guess he didn’t get to watch Fox news or listen to Rush yet in order to change his mind.

I could have told you McCain was going to loose based on these two videos. The Great Schlep is a campaign to get elderly Jews in Florida to vote for Obama and Sarah Silverman does a phenomenal job. Then Jackie Mason made a counter video and it sucks. These two videos have basically sealed the fate of the presidential election in my mind. Please note that the first video contains some expletives- but Sarah Silverman is great:

Jackie Masons Horrible Rebuttal