Shidduch Blog Carnival

Shidduch Bloggers = Frum Emo, when I thought of it I felt brilliant, but now I am having second thoughts. Its not so smart to poke fun at a whole niche of bloggers and then link them (although I am thinking of doing a roast of the JBlogsphere). But for all those who care- I just felt that when you are angry because your single, all your friends are getting married and your biological clock is ticking because you are almost 20 years old- you are providing me with a window into a community I cannot really relate to.

Getting married before you graduate college and get a job makes no sense to me- but to a whole culture thats what is hip and if you don’t do it, well according to the shidduch bloggers, your royally screwed, at least out of getting a good guy and a happy life. I guess I just think of my lower 20’s as prime times for road tripping and trying to enjoy the single life as much as possible.

Enter the shidduch crisis, then enter a bunch of angry almost 20 year olds with internet access and nothing to do because they most likely live in Brooklyn and you suddenly get something called the shidduch blogger. Emo kids are angry and pissed off at life and their parents and their friends- and shidduch bloggers are mad as well, at their friends for leaving them for husbands, at their relatives for setting them up with people who make no sense and the frum community who refuses to come up with a solution.

The only thing I don’t understand is why these shidduch bloggers never post their pictures, so at least all the male blogers can stop arguing about what they look like, give us something to work with ladies- oh and maybe you can use your blog to find you a shidduch.

Before I knew what a blog was I stumbled across Nice Jewish Girl which was about an older frum girl who was a lifelong devotee of shomer negiah, she ended the blog when she finally got some. It is probably one of the most famous Jewish Blogs and worth more then a glance. Unbroken Glass is another famous and now dead shidduch blog that was filled with crazy dating stories.

The king of all shidduch bloggers is Bad For Shidduchim – brilliant and very interesting, as with kiddush material one would think she would run out- but like the energizer bunny she just keeps going and going.

Many frum girl shidduch bloggers will tell you that they are not typical or something of the sort. Michele writes this right on the front page, she has been around a while and I do admit I occasional check her blog out to see whats flying.

Classic Emo girl in my opinion- Bas Melech. The name says it all Half Shared, Still in Shidduchim, Sick of Shidduchim– if your so sick of it why are you talking about it so much and getting more pissed of about it. Sem Girl is probably married or in cherem by now considering she lives in Lakewood has had her blog for 3 years and started it while in seminary. Aidel Knaidel was just another generic shidduch blogger until she got engaged, like most shidduch blogs engagement or marriage ends that parshah. Another not your typical ex-bais yaakov girl who goes by Brianna– that isn’t a typical BY name if you ask me. Shidduch Greiper!, but she’s old so sh has a right, how old, I have no idea.

Snarkodox shows pomise if only she would write more often. Levadi talks about dating and staying frum. Material maidel who says I influenced her to start a blog so I can’t roast her too much- although I am sure all the men can agree we are curious what you look like in real life and are sick of the blond Barbie- give us a fake picture, anything to get our imaginations pumping.

Let us not forget the few male shidduch bloggers I know of – Chai Expectations and Frumster Shoppers.

Jdaters Anonymous isn’t really an angry shidduch blog, mostly because its just a very well written portrayal of dating from Esther Kustanowitz – the non-anonymous shidduch blogger.

Orthodox Jewish Single Bloggers is a good list to be on!

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