Parshas Vayelech devar torah

Vayelech – Movement

During our life we have the ability to come and go, to move and change. This is open to us on physical and spiritual levels. Every second encompasses movement. By utilizing most of that movement for positive direction, the results are generally positive.

A proper leader must be a person who is constantly growing and thus changing within him/her self. When a change becomes apparent to the other leaders, they may feel that their control or power is threatened, thus they may incite rebellion against the initiatives as well as the leader.

By doing so they attempt to maintain the status quo, not rocking the boat or causing positive movement. They may try to convince the people to agree with their thinking so that people react without truly knowing the far-reaching consequences of their own thoughts, opinions or actions.

Before Moses passed on he called the elders together (Deut.31). One reason was to protect Joshua so that he would not have to deal with some of the painful issues that Moses had with them. It is difficult for a very sensitive person (who truly understands people) to become a leader, as people tend to destroy sensitive people.

Regarding the future it says, “On that day the soul that is in the body will come through in a big way” (Isaiah 27:13).

Feeding the corruption in our economy, religion, business, medicine, science, etc., only serves to extend the existence of the problems. There is much that needs to happen in order to remove corruption on all levels. The more that we can do to effect little room or reason for corruption, the more likelihood that we can fix the existing system or create a new one.

Seeing the soul and life force of physical matter enables us to make more long term balanced decisions. Moving forward and listening to each move helps us make adjustments. Allowing ourselves to be what we are designed to be enables us to allow others to be what they are designed to be.

We are in the midst of restoring our connection with the source of life. There are various names people use in order to identify this source. In actuality there are many spiritual sources for things. Most people only go back to some spiritual level but not to the ultimate origin.

The ultimate origin seems difficult to relate to, as it requires that we go to beyond time to a relationship with an existence that has no beginning. Now is a time that holds an opening to refocus on this connection. It begins with internal awareness and relating through our heart to beyond definition. Following that is a matter of balancing ourselves with the present existence and allowing that balance to change in each moment.