We only bang three times a year…

So I am sitting at my hosts on the west side of Denver, Colorado and we get into this discussion on why we eat creplachs on erev Yom Kippr. So the discussion is going at a regular yeshivish pace until the host drops the B-bomb. In normal situations I may have been able to contain myself, but one of best buds with a sick mind like my own was sitting right next to me trying to contain himself as well.

The statement “Since we only bang three times a year” was continuously said until we both burst out uncontrollably. Then suddenly he said “and on Yom Kippor we cover our meat” and then we both completely lost it, I almost peed my pants- due to the hilarity of the comment “we only bang three times per year” combined with “on erev Yom Kippor we cover our meat”. The host understood- but the wife was clueless- which was probably a good thing.

It reminds of this time I was at a buddies house and someone mentioned the word “Beaver” in a somewhat similar context to its slang which had me and a friend rolling (so mature huh) and my friends 19 year old sister in law had no idea what was flying. She kept thinking she “got it” but she never did- thank God.