Closet Obama fans in the frum community

It seems that everyone in the orthodox community hates Obama, mostly because the orthodox community is made up of right wingers who would never vote for a democrat no matter what, and there have been rumors abound that Obama is working for Al-Queda and plotting to mess with America. His stances on the issues don’t help him either.

But I have noticed that even mentioning anything positive about Obama is akin to saying you don’t believe in God. Its pure heresy, in fact if you do say anything positive- you are likely to get lambasted by pretty much everyone. Unlike other elections, during this election it is especially rough for democrats in the frum community as I have been told by friends of mine who are closet Obama fans.

I have been told by quite a few people who wished to remain anonymous have told me that they are indeed thinking about voting for Obama. Most of these people are Republicans who are defecting after the last 8 years of embarrassments as they have called it.

I myself am one of those few undecideds, I try not to talk politics much by the way- having worked in the field I have absolutely no interest in arguing with people.

Are you a closet Obama fan?