Should people have to pay for high holiday services?

I will start this post with a story:

Two friends of mine spent Rosh Hashanah last year by this girls house in Long Island. These guys aren’t really the shul going type, so they got up at 12 and went to shul for about an hour. About two weeks later, the girls parents got a bill in the mail for their attendance at shul without having bought tickets. Apparently the shul had some spies of some sort to rat out the cheaters. Thats Long Island for ya.

Hilarious and horrible I say. I really don’t even like the whole concept of forcing people to pay for high holiday tickets, even shul membership bothers me- in fact my father left a shul because they asked him for membership even though he gave more then twice the membership dues in tzedaka.

The real question is this- have you ever scalped tickets to a high holiday service.