Parshas Netzavim devar torah

By Yosef Syrabranski

Netzavim – Refocusing

The body may look stationary, yet on a micro level it is constantly moving and changing. We appear stationary in each moment and you can take a picture of that but that is to the simple view of our eyes. On further examination especially when we use the proper tools we can see an infinite amount of movements in each second.

Such is our life. When we stop for a moment to take stock of where we are and to get our bearings, we feel lost, as we are not accustomed to doing it. Our time seem so full that we do not have time. Maybe we just do not know that we have a tool to find our bearings.

At the same time the world is going through a transition that affects every individual. It is imperative that we observe what is happening as we refocus. You are standing today (Deut. 29:9) as the world is teetering and tottering on the brink of a transformation. We are indeed poised momentarily on a precipice of unknown transformation.

We need to take an accounting on how our life, life styles and ultimately the structures of our society have separated us from the source of where we originate. We are capable of bringing together all of the souls from all periods or spaces of existence. When we look to restore our bonds, our origins will return to connect with us. The impact of that restoration is incalculable in its power.

The origin of the life force of all existence is from an existence that has no form or shape and no limitation. This is why there is an aspect in everything in life that is beyond comprehension. It is not about the questioning as much as about being who and what we are in essence. In this world all matters that should be pure have become tainted. Restoring that purity can happen instantly if we all do it together.

When a person asks “Where am I in life?” it is a focused question. It is dependant upon a person’s perspective of life, its goals and purpose. The act of asking the question is not the issue. Rather it is the level of awareness that the person has when asking that gives energy to the question.

Where you are in the present is important. If you are connected to the Creative force that flows in this moment, you can be connected with it in every other moment. Connecting with the creative force allows you a channel to be connected with the Creator. YOU are connected with the creative force but you (ego less) are connected with the Creator.

The world leaders seem to be coming together to show that they do not know where they are going. Recognizing this as part of what is happening is a step forward.

For thousands of years people judged talent and power based on external expression. The focal point of our talent and power is located in our hearts and souls, the potential that lies deep within us. The key is for each one of us simply to live with our heart and mind in each moment. If we did, we would discover that all of those things that we believe we

need tools for could be accomplished simply with focus of the mind and balance of the heart.