Frumster Bloopers

So I am back on Frumster and after about 2 hours of browsing profiles I decided once again that I had seen all the profiles and they all suck. But this is not another frumster rant- which will be posted next week sometime. This is about something really funny that happened this week.

I guess I wrote that I dry humor in my profile, so this girl sent me a message this week that told me to check out this you tube video which would be right up my alley according to my profile. Low and behold, it was one of my videos. I thought she was joking so I sent her the following message.

“I hope you knew that video was of me, because if not, you can congratulate yourself upon making it into my blog”

She asked me not to place her here- but no one will ever know who she was and I couldn’t resist.

It just goes to show how much different people look in their frumster pictures then in real life!!! Nah, I just had my long shaggy hair and a semi-prepubescent beard.