PETA says ice cream should be made of breast milk

Some of you may remember a while back I wrote a post entitled, “Did you know breast milk is parve?” . I mentioned breast milk made delicacies that could allow people to eat real milchigs style stuff after meat that happened to not be milchig. Brilliance I thought and many of you agreed- although I was possibly insane- and I would have to agree.

Well world famous animal rights organization PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) actually saw my article and decided that it was such a good idea that they have put out press releases requesting of ice cream companies to start making ice cream out of breast milk. They also say that milking cows is unethical and the baby milks should be milking the cows, but shouldn’t the baby humans be milking the humans?

I also heard from inside sources that they are trying to appease the cholov yisroel market after trying to shut down the glatt kosher meat industry- because this would allow people who keep cholov yisroel to finally eat regular non frummy ice cream brands such as Ben and Jerry’s and Haagen Daaz.

I have yet to figure out how much milk a woman can actually get from their breasts. I have also yet to figure out how they will milk the women, since its kind of weird to hook them up to machines and keep them in barns. Also- whenever children’s camps visit farms- they may find it a little weird to be milking humans.

I think the breast milk thing is great, but PETA should definitely figure out the details, before breeding women for their breast milk.

Oh and PETA should be PFTETOA- but they can get away with anything these days.