I hate you, your not my facebook friend anymore

When you want to banish your friends from your life, you just drop them from your Facebook friends. I am serious- I have witnessed many people recently get really angry at someone and then say “thats it, I am un-friending them from Facebook.” I myself have so many “friends” on Facebook that I wouldn’t notice- thats why someone one time had to tell me they were dropping me- it made no difference, and it was quite funny and very immature that they had to say something.

In fact even though I love Facebook for marketing purposes, but people take Facebook way too seriously. At least some people can tell you the difference between Facebook friends and real friends- although I am sure as we all become more social network dependant- the line will be blurred to the point that people may have online relationships with their Facebook Friends. Wait- that does happen already, and has happened since the invention of AOL chat rooms of the 90s.

Oh and I am always looking for more Facebook friends- I am listed as “frum satire”