Charedim in Israel Ban Tzipi Livni

If they could I am sure they would- but blotting out her face and not mentioning her name is the next best thing. I wonder if the name Tzipi will be banned?

So I wonder what is going to happen if Sarah Palin becomes the next vice president. Will the frummies blot out her face like they are doing to Tzipi Livni in Israel. After all Sarah Palin is way hotter then Tzipi Livni!

Thats right folks, regardless of the fact that she is not quite a looker Tzipi Livni will be blocked out from Charedi newspapers, and they won’t even mention her name- because- its Untznius. I wish the Charedim would re-make that battle cry scene from Braveheart and they can yell Untznius as they all go into battle with the dark forces.

Funny because a majority of the Charedim are all about Sarah Palin, in fact most orthodox Jews I speak to are madly in love with her policies, and her figure. I mean who on earth can stand more then a glance at Condi Rice, or Hillary, but now we frummies can look at a decent looking woman and have a good excuse for doing so- instead of getting our weekly glances while doing neck roles in the direction of the mechitza. Don’t get me wrong the Bush daughters are hot, but like cheerleaders at football games you never get more then a commercial break glance.

So I wonder if the Yated or Hamodia papers in America will publish Sarah Palins name or picture? Both papers have no pictures of women in them- which I have no problems with by the way. I do wonder how on earth these frummies can support a candidate who clearly violates the laws of tznius in public. I saw her getting all touchy with John McCain, and if we don’t have standards, who’s to say that a lack of shomer negia on Sarah Palins part will not lead to oval office improprieties.

If Bill Clinton who is younger and way hunkier the John McCain couldn’t resist a large annoying intern, what’s to say that a much older and less cooler John McCain will be able to resist the much younger and better looking vice president.

You know what would be a really cool scandal?

If McCain and Palin had a child together while they were in office. That would be better then every Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer episode combined. But seriously, how can orthodox Jews support an untznius woman for office, where is the heter in supporting someone who they will have to look at on newspaper covers and on television for the next bunch of years. At least Obama’s wife is somewhat frum because she covers her hair some of the time.

I wonder if Tzipi Livni put a turban and bulletproof stockings on- would they then show her picture. Don’t candidates do that sort of thing anyway, kind of like Obama throwing that yarmulke on at the kotel. So Prime Minister Livni can rock the turban and shoulder padded shabbos robe for a visit to Geula.