What on earth is a Tuna Beigel?

In the frum world there is lots of terminology that I am still coming to terms with. Sometimes I ry and insert words to make myself sound more frum, in fact using words like Viter or shayich can really improve your standing with frummies who begin to think that your kipa sruga is just one of rebellion and not of actual modernity- and will welcome you with open arms.

Frummies also use certain terms to describe others. Terms like hockers, off the D, machers, BY, BT, FFB etc… I am sure I can come up with a whole library of one term labels that can be used to describe someone. Recently Jacob and I were privy to a new term. The Tuna Beigel, like the post on what exactly Heimishe means, no one could actually tell us what a Tuna Beigel is.

The only meaningful description I heard was that its a Chassidishe guy who is not religious anymore, but when he says give me a tuna bagel, it comes out as beigel- because the accent didn’t change with the religiosity.

Now who can tell me what a Tuna Beigel is?

Oh and has anyone ever heard the term Helicopter being used to describe certain types of chassidim?