Parshas Key Savo devar torah

I have been away from my blog for a couple of days, don’t worry- I am back and will be posting all next week. Hvae a mighty fine shabbos.

And it will be when you will come (Deut. 26:1) reflects change, a word that seems to be growing with some sense of urgency in the world at large as well as in people’s personal lives. It is something that has been happening on all levels and in all aspects of existence since the beginning of time. The mere fact that people demand change (even if they do not know what they are doing) creates energy flow towards change. Both negative and positive energies are taking the world to where it needs to go. They also propel individual people on their journey forward to the future.

Our life is a continuous process. Many ideals and ideas may begin with purity but quickly become tainted. It is personal, ongoing, and requires focus and dedication, and above all, honesty to oneself and their relationship to the world around them.

In Deuteronomy (Ch.26-29) it speaks about how in our consciousness and actions we should recognize where we came from and share our blessings with other people. Additionally we must realize that there are long-term consequences to our actions. When we recognize that we are just one small part of all existence, it opens our eyes to see and our ears to hear. Yet if our focus is based in our own desires we are blocked from seeing or hearing other parts of the creation. That prevents us from realizing the true consequences of our actions as well as recognizing the true needs of others.

People know that we need a different structure in society in order to formulate a new future, yet they have no way of fully comprehending it because of where they are stuck or how they are limited. They can focus on a word (this seems to be the limit of some people) and hopefully the universe will do its job. In reality people are constantly effecting change through the energy flow that is created by their desire.

Each second is a new creation and thus change is a natural occurrence. Change is something that was created by the Creator as an integral part of all existence and should be part of our consciousness. It is something that we want our leaders to understand and respond to. Yet we often limit them because we do not want our leaders to effect change in a way that shakes foundations of the structures that we have grown used to. So we usually have leaders that reflect our own limitations and issues.

People in power abuse their power and the system. It is in part because people do not know how to balance the internal need for change with the world that we live in.

People have abused the God given ability and knowledge of creation in each moment. Therefore, while people have woken up to the necessity of change, they still readily give their power to those who continue to abuse the power with which they have been entrusted.

We need leaders who are constantly changing and growing within, not simply using the term in a general or external manner. To relinquish the old without positive new direction only creates further destruction. The purveyors of the old structures do not support someone who will change things for fear of what they will lose. Proponents of the new way want to totally eradicate the former structure without salvaging the blessings of the former system.

As things in the physical world continue to escalate beyond our control we must become less attached to the physical and cultivate our abilities to look beyond regular definitions. As corruption continues in our former structured world we must carefully reject those systems and desire something new.

There are so many things that we are blessed with daily. There is so much that we can be happy about, yet sometimes we become entangled in time-consuming issues that are curses. It takes supreme effort on our part to be able to focus on our consistent blessings. Many things that have been kept secret over years are coming to fore. However there is still much that people do not see.

So many things are happening on this earth. People who are enslaved to money are continuing to discover its ability to destroy and control their lives. People’s domiciles can instantly disappear due to earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes or finances. What appears to be secure today may not even be here tomorrow. Environments, products or lifestyles that were formerly safe may be currently poisonous or otherwise dangerous. People who accept fiction as part of fact allow their vision to become distorted.

Yet even with all of the existing negativity there is blessing. The world is evolving and people need to get with the program. That program is not control of business, religion, government or others. Rather it speaks to each one of us reclaiming his/her own individuality. That means connecting with one’s inner self in a balanced way. We must focus in order to create the world that will serve all people peacefully, heartfully and in all totality with harmonious balance in every moment.

There have been many moments in history when people sensed or waited for some major shift. Sometimes it was explosive but more often it was a quiet or slow change. Regarding each day, week or year the same thing happens. We have constant inner sense of various movements in this creation. For example many are expecting that in the year 2012 an explosive change will occur. Others are just waiting for a major shift that will bring quiet and peace.

There is a constant quest to identify the safest place on earth to live. The answer is that the only time you can live is today and today the place that needs to be peaceful is within your own self. Yes there are major shifts occuring at present and other changes will occur as time passes, but it would seem that the focus is to let go of what we have held onto so that the negative can cease with the positive and let a new balance to begin.

Living in the moment is great but it also is not where society consciousness is. Therefore as individuals, we still have to hold a balance between our own heart and the physical world around us. This will change at some point but until that moment there is always going to be an issue of pain and balance.