What’s the next fad in frummy food?

What is the next fad in frumy food fare?

I remember when cold poached salmon with a side of dill sauce in a carved out piece of cucumber was all the rage. You could be sure if you sat down at any sort of event that this dish would be served first.

Then it became Broccoli salad with crasins and little ramen noodles. All of the sudden every shalom zachor smorgasbord and yeshiva dinner had it, the soggy bodek broccoli drowned in mayo with little red berries popping out from under the artery clogging sauce.

Next it was the power washed lettuce with Mangos and Strawberries, then of course they banned strawberries and it was changed to mandarin orange and lettuce salad.

Then it became sushi, sushi has been around long enough for it to have become a staple in frummy society, you cannot even walk into a pizza store anymore without encountering a Mexican who everyone thinks is Asian, rolling overpriced sushi.

Around the same time that sushi became popular, frummies discovered something called the salad bar, it was a discovery unlike any other, because it wasn’t the real salad bar. The kind that you got a plate and loaded up on everything. No, the frummy salad bar was behind a piece of plexiglass and some guy told you your could have 3 toppings, all for the grand old price of $6, and each individual topping would 50 cents extra. Making a salad that could be made in three minutes at home at a cost of $1 into a high priced chic item that young married girls from the five towns and Flatbush would buy with their sushi.

But that is all, there are no other fads to speak of, or are there? What will be next, maybe fleishig sushi, that would be cool, besides for the whole salmonella thing. Maybe we will start seeing road side kosher ice cream stands with classic cars in front of Wednesday nights or something, with lines of fat people waiting to add some waistline. How about franchised kosher restaurants appearing in college campuses and airports? Who knows? Do you?