Baltimore hires full time shadchun to combat shidduch crisis

I was in Baltimore this past shabbos and while reading one of the local free papers there was an article about Baltimore hiring a full time shadchun paying him 75k a year with hopes that it will alleviate the shidduch crisis. All I have to say is this, aren’t there way too many shadchuns already? In my opinion they, with their silly questions, month long back round checks aren’t really helping the situation. Plus someone should try and think progressively, not regressively, full time shadchuns for cities are things of the past. Things of the past don’t seem to be working, hence heterim for internet usage by frummies who want to find their zivug. I just feel that if they want to help the problem they should think of new solutions.

Like coed kiddush clubs for singles or even more singles events, seems that there are so many singles and no singles events. Then they have a weekend and it costs $300. Just my two cents.