Thoughts on the Twerski controversey

I have received several emails asking me what my thoughts are on the whole Twerski fiasco

For those of you who do not read the NY Post or  VIN, Dov Hikind has decided to try and combat this whole child molestation thing in yeshivas by making some sort of effort- because everyone else likes to shove it under the table and plead denial. He hired famous Chassidic psychologist Dr Bentzion Twerski to spearhead the whole organization. Last week Dr. Twerski resigned after receiving multiple threats from unnamed sources against himself and his family if he does not resign the post. Someone also threatened him with cherem.

Now you all can scream with terror and wonder if all these people who are atheists, off the derech, agnostics and anyone else who is vehemently against anything related to the frum establishment are not justified. Also why would Dr. Twerski care about being put in cherem by a community who would rather people not expose the wrong doing by a few sick individuals. This whole thing is beyond me- and frankly I really didn’t want to write about it- because it just pisses me off.

What could be wrong with someone trying to expose child molesters in the frum community? Maybe the people threatening him are child molesters? DUH!!! Or they house little boys from cheder in cages in their basements for sale to child molesters.

I personally think that the issue will eventually reach the front page of the NY Times in a form reminiscent of the Catholic Priest fiasco and instead of us Jews telling jokes like the following:

What’s the difference between catholic priests and zits? At least a zit waits till your 14 to come on your face!

The non-Jews will be saying it about our Rabbeim and community leaders. Do we want that?

It just irks me, and it also irks me that no one is speaking up for him. Go and google this whole thing. There is not much of a mention in mainstream Jewish media. Our dear friends Yeshiva World News who like to constantly bash the modern orthodox world made absolutely no mention of it. Dov Bear who hates the Yeshiva World News with a passion notes this in a post, but we already know that yeshiva world news is just like Fox News or any other media outlet in that they sensor and have an agenda.

Hey sorry about the serious post, it will be buried, but just to satisfy some of you people hungry for some news on this beautiful Monday.