How did 7-11 become the preeminent Jewish hangout?

Because its 24 hours and frum Jdews have a love affair with sugar filled slurpies. Some may say its the sexual innuendo behind slurpies, but I merely think its the fact that not only is 7-11 a 24 hour establishment, but its one of the only places in many towns where Jews can actually hang out. I have hung out at many Seven Elevens in my day. Detroit was definitely the first place I ever hung out at 7-11, also the only place I was ever asked by a cop to leave because it was past my curfew, even though I was just visiting.

In Detroit its an all ages crowd, young kids and old folks, cops and the most ghetto people you have ever seen- after all its Detroit and they have a reputation to uphold. Furthermore, like many stupid frummies, the city of Detroits one pizza store has some decree against keeping it open for eat in on Saturday night- because God forbid any mingling between the sexes happens- so instead of hanging out in the pizza store, they go to the Liquor store on Lincoln and Coolidge and grab some good old Mickeys and get wasted- great job Rabbis.

I hung out with the huge chassidic rebel crowd at the Monsey 7-11, and it was quite interesting to watch chassidim in regular garb talking like regular old street thugs, albeit in thick yiddish accents and mostly in Yiddish. Its funny, and I met a lot of interesting characters.

Last but not least, let us not forget the 7-11 on Avenue M in Brooklyn where I filmed the following video of a bunch of yeshiva rebels surrounding this cop who was trying to see if they were on drugs. It was hilarious and if you turn the volume up you may even be able to hear it. preeminent

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