Chassidim in Willaimsburg say bike lanes are not tznius!!!

When the bans and chumras start affecting me they have gone too far. While reading Vos Iz Neias this morning I cam across an article on this issue and I am in pain. Because now they are starting to ban things that mean something to me. I wash my own spinach, don’t listen to Jewish music anyways and would never attend a Lipa concert unless someone else paid. But I am a cyclist, its what I do, mountain biking, road riding and everything in between is a way of life for me.

The bike lanes aren’t tznius because they bring scantly clad biker chicks into the neighborhood. If I recall correctly, these scantly clad women and hipster men are swarming over Williamsburg like a bunch of yeshiva guys onto a pot of cholent. Either way, I think that the madness of Israeli Charedim will hit America sooner or later.

I also think that if you want to be a real Chassid in America you need to move into a shtetle, like New Square or Kiryas Yoel. Then you can make your own rules. Its just not shayich to complain about every little tznius infraction when you live in Brooklyn.

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