Parshas Ki Seitzei devar torah

Key Seitzei – getting out into the world

A child is conceived comprised of a life force and energy. As the physical body develops so too the life force and energy of the person opens and develops. When the child is born another type of energy needs to keep the body alive.

Life force is also referred to as the soul. There are many facets of a soul. One aspect of a soul is the energy that comes in and out through the breath. It connects to the body, but does not stay attached. When a person stops breathing it is a sign that this soul energy no longer gives life to the body.

During a person’s life there are various aspects of the soul that change as the body changes. Just as the body changes each second so too does the soul energy that is manifest in the body. Thus, although a soul may enter the body with one purpose, it can change at any time giving a person various soul purposes during their lifetime.

Our relationship with food, people and the world around us is not only a physical, mental or emotional relationship; it also has a soul component. During an individuals lifespan he/she has various relationships with him/herself and with other people. The bond may be for any duration of time or even beyond time.

(Deut. 21:10)”When you go out” (into this world) there is a battle with your desires. From the time that a child is brought into this world there is a battle. The battle (or challenge) is internal as well as external. There are movements in all directions. Each movement comprises a new balance that can create a new challenge. Each moment has a balance with the body, feelings, mind, people, society, the world and internal elements that are often beyond definition.

Throughout this life we find that we can have intense relationships with someone or something without knowing the specific reason. Then there is always something attached that creates an imbalance, blockage, imperfection or some issue. The feeling is divine but people around do not see it because they stuck in their own limitations.

The bond and attachment vary in time and space. Yet each aspect is an expression of the Creator life force in this existence. What appears to be an enemy may be another soul or desire in creation that needs attention, support or love in order for it to bring out a specific expression or energy in the creation.

Love brings people closer while lack of love creates distance. As a person looks deeper into the physical or any aspect of creation, the person comes to see oneness in creation. We go in and out of feeling a connection with many things in life. If we would understand and respect the creator life force in everything then we could be fully in love with everything and give it support and space at the same time.

We have personal protective forces and yet at times they are inoperative. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions we get hurt. This is because in any war or challenge both sides pay a price.

(Deut. 22:8) When you build a new house and make a protective casing for your roof, then you will not need to create a flow in your house because all illusions/fiction will fall away.

Much of today’s science is theory. Scientists attempt to observe matter in order to prove theories. In doing so they have killed millions of people who accept their scientific findings as fact. Simple matter is often overlooked because intellectual minds often have a blind spot to it. Most of what occurs in the human body is not observed by medical science because of its blind spots.

An example that I wish to share is that when I was six years old a rock hit me on top of my head. Medically it has healed and there is no problem. Forty years later I have pressure at that spot and it is something many people do not comprehend. People who have had injections or surgeries often evidence this issue. While they have healed from a visual perspective, remnants of the original illness or injury may emerge at a future time.

I am sharing this in order to illustrate how easy it is to have a blind spot to something that is part of our being. This is something that I learned many years ago as I was studying about natural healing. One component of healing is the protective energy that surrounds a person. It is important to take this into consideration. A visible scar is only one indication of a possible problem. Even if there is nothing physically visible, we need to be aware of this part of ourselves.

Although we are affected by everything it may take many years for resulting symptoms to manifest. Society is riddled with many problems that we have built up over time. In order to rebuild our society we have to be cognizant of all the issues. Before there is nothing left to correct, people must wake up to the facts and take action.

We are all one and we balance each other in some way. Many of us remember the joy and challenge of playing on the see saw as children. We learned that it mattered where you put your weight in order to be correctly balanced with the other side. All imbalances are the result of the effect of the first imbalance that the Creator formed.

(Deut. 23:6) The structural forces of creation come in as opposites. Energy and matter is transformed for some in this existence because of the bond of the Creator with those creations.

Change is a familiar buzzword these days. Politics aside, the changes that are necessary to insure our future are dependant upon us. If we rise beyond what we see and hear, we will learn to recognize that there is always something beyond. Eventually we will learn how to connect with the source of all and manifest change without letting our own issues get in the way.

There comes a time when we must let go of all that we hold onto and simply allow all existence to be. Then we can work together to create the world that we live in, utilizing the powers given to us by the Creator. The memory of the past will serve to remind us of our blessings. It will also act to remind us of what can happen when we live only within our limitations.