Touring Pomegranate kosher gourmet Store in Brooklyn

A few weeks ago Brooklyn got its first nice kosher supermarket, I happened to be chilling with Jacob Da Jew one night and so with video camera in hand we hit it up. I like food, so naturally I like a store that has good selection, the pasta sauce selection was weak as was the salsa- really the only two things that change from store to store. I didn’t buy anything and hence did not look at the prices.

At Pomegranate I did notice something very startling, the floors are hardwood making for a nice smooth rolling surface for shopping carts. There is nothing worse then your cell phone conversation getting cut off by a noisy shopping cart. Furthermore, there is no risk of toppling food piles because there are no grooves in the floor- of course this could pose a problem when it gets cold and everyone starts slipping all over the place- but I hear the floors are heated and will make liquids evaporate on contact.

They do sell non-cholov yisroel products, which means you can finally buy Ben and Jerrys at a kosher supermarket and avoid the pritzusdicke magazines which the yetzer harah himself places at the cash registers to make you sin. In fact there is a rumor in more heimishe circles that the Rabbis have agreed to ban all supermarkets that do not have self checkout to prevent the masses from sinning by looking at the covers of Cosmo and Marrie Claire.

Pomegranate also has a very large selection of pre-washed veggies. Thats right folks Pomegranate kosher prides itself on offering you any type of washed green leafy vegetables you can imagine. I hear they have little boys from Burma in the basement doing the washing- but that is just a rumor started by Glatt Mart and Freedmans which have teamed up in a Samson and Goliath type of war that will probably turn out like Wal Mart- in which the little stores will die unless they take their battle to the mean streets of Brooklyn.

Regardless, I did enjoy my time in Pomegranate which I totally thought was spelled Pomegranite and I bet you that most people searching for Pomegranate Kosher Store are in fact typing in Pomegranite Kosher Store at which point they will get to this site and find the video I filmed while walking down the aisle and deem me to be clinically insane.