Yeshiva University Transgender Professor Controversey

I just had to write about this because unlike the comments on Vos Iz Neias I happen to think this story is hilarious.

The news headlines say a Yeshiva University literature professor left two years ago as a man and came back today as a women. Now that is just plain funny, the comments on Vos Iz Neias are basically saying that this person should be locked up, or that YU should shutter its doors, and the regular rabid right wing stuff that comes out of peoples mouths before they realize that not only frum Jewish people are reading their comments- frankly I find it pretty interesting and funny and sad at the same time. I understand the moral majority and their craziness- but this dude or dudette is a freaking Literature Professor- I mean what do you expect from reading Jane Austin and Adrienne Rich, its not like he’s a Rabbi or something.

Then again it is a yeshiva and has been moving more to the right. In fact I heard Rabbi Willig speak this shabbos in Riverdale and actually enjoyed it quite a bit- he is a really interesting guy. But then again, YU can’t do anything because of the ACLU which the media loves and so you will have to deal with it.

Oh and he/she teaches at Stern so now all the stern girls can find out what its like to have a penis, that much information is worth it. I think this person should teach kallah classes over there.

NY post article