Is Sarah Palin Jewish?

If someone can find some sort of Jewish connection for Barak Obama they can surely find one for Sarah Palin, even the name is Jewish, well maybe not since Sarah wasn’t really Jewish in the first place. But hey if they can find out that one of Barak Obamas relatives converted to Judaism and became a black rabbi- they can surely dig up some sort of Jewish connection for Sarah Palin.

Why is it that Jews always think that someone famous must have something Jewish in them? Ever hear about how Hitler may have been Jewish? Exactly! It always seems that a bunch of nerdy Jews are sitting in a bunker somewhere trying to find even the most minute Jewish connection for famous people. Who cares? I sure as hell don’t, it wouldn’t make one difference to me if Barak Obama’s ancestors were a famous Chassidic dynasty, well maybe it would. I just don’t want the president banning anything like questionable Jewish music. Though I am sure his liberal agenda will keep my freedoms safe and allow me to do whatever it is I want, besides pray in schools or carry a gun.

If Sarah Palin were Jewish she would most likely be a Conservative woman rabbi in my opinion. She is just too powerful a women to be resigned to making kugel and writing into the Yated about the shidduch crisis. Frum women just aren’t that cool, they are rarely voted Miss anything- although there should be some sort of “Miss Borough Park” contest, maybe that’s for a another post. But this Sarah Palin is a marathon runner, kayaker and woman’s empowerment role model, did I mention that she is a hunter as well, which really isn’t a big deal because everyone hunts in Alaska, even the vegans hunt in Alaska.

I just found a post on Simply Jews asking this same question.