When BT’s aren’t quite there yet: Ohr Someyach Memories

For those of you fortunate to witness my comedy show in Bet Shemesh on the second night of the frum satire Israel comedy tour you would have witnessed the following post in all of its madness. For everyone else you can read about it now.

In 2002 I was enrolled in the introductory program at Ohr Someyach because I had no idea how to learn so I figured I could get away with minimal learning and maximum wandering and bike riding if I did the intro stuff- I was right, I also became exposed to the insane BT lifestyle that many secular Jews who come to Ohr Someyach end up in. I had some crazy roommates- actually I started out with normal ones but soon after I had two cracked out dudes with tongue rings coming in bloody from Niveh fights at Zollis at 2 in the morning.

Yom Kippor was the most interesting of all however, because I remember a whole crew of kids showing up in jeans and T-shirts to davening with those questioning eyes wondering why everyone was so dressed up and where the food was. I always thought that secular Jews kind of knew something about Yom Kippor. Like while eating breakfast- someone would say, “would you look at that today is Yom Kippor.”

Then after the whole davening affair I come upstairs to my room and my neighbors have ten kids packed in their room and everyone is watching the movie Super Troopers while passing around a bowl. I found it ironic to pick such an entertaining movie, I sat down and watched too by the way, I figured maybe they should be watching School Ties, or Schindlers List or maybe Delta Force with Chuck Norris- but no they had to watch a really funny pothead movie.

Then the next day I found out that some kids who were really hungry and couldn’t find any food near Ohr Someyach because everything was closed- had walked over to East Jerusalem for lunch- how ironic. There you have it folks- BT’s in a BT yeshiva before they become BT’s