Interesting story about rude NY hocker types

The names and locations have been changed to protect the job of a certain individual:

We were eating in a restaurant this summer that my brother worked at. 3 very large campers and their counselors came in to the place to get some food to go. The campers ordered enough food to feed a king and then the counselors started hassling the kids to get going while they ordered their own huge orders. One of them wanted to buy an item in bulk and even though my brother kept saying we normally don’t do it like that- they kept persisting and acting quite rude in the process claiming that the owner always hooks them up. Classic NY hockers you  might say.

My husband and I sat and were mortified at the way these two morbidly obese counselors were treating my brother who stood quietly behind the counselor. He finally said “fine I’ll give you the tray for $60” and essentially gave into their rather rude demands.

Later on as we were driving home my brother called and said “I couldn’t say anything in the restaurant, but we normally charge $45 for that item” Now I understood how he could take all that crap from those counselors.

I just wish I could see the look on their faces when they realized that their rudeness got them gipped.