Hilltop 468: Proud Jewish Rednecks

I must admit, I am a wannabe Jewish redneck, I love driving shirtless, windows down, country music blaring while I listen to the small stones of the dirt road hitting the bottom of my car. I would rather cook my food on a small camp stove next to my sleeping bag at a rest area then shack up in a cheap motel, and I have this fascination with trailer parks- like how cozy would it be to get married and live in one. Of course my dreams of jacked up trucks for offroading are gone due to gas prices- but I can still hold on to dreams.

Then I went to friends Moshe and Tamar who live on a hilltop over the green line called “Hilltop 468” I love the name- it has a great ring to it, kind of like having a prison ID number, but best of all, its a way for me to finally be an actual member of redneck society. You see in Israel they have tons of rednecks or white trash- but they aren’t looked down upon, in fact they are respected by me and many others, for they are called settlers.

Hilltop 468 is probably one of the windiest places I have ever been to, and it smells like the high desert of Montana, all it is missing are howling coyotes, but don’t worry- settlers in these parts have a fascination with loud dogs.

At Hilltop 468 the only thing from stopping you from being a full fledged redneck is the fact you can’t just start shooting your gun at things. I wish you could, because all the men just wear their guns like a women would wear a purse. There are also plenty of things to shoot at, abandoned cars, old water towers and wadis two thousand feet below.

You know how in America they talk about kids running around with shoes? Well at Hilltop 468 they run around naked or in their diapers, and when they need to make pee pee- they can just go on the lawn- my kind of place.