Where are the drinks?

The meal was a beautiful spread, one of those times you wish it weren’t shabbos so you could take a picture. One of those times that you just stuffed your face like a conveyor belt totally oblivious to all the people around you- with the only human contact being “can you please pass the…” which was always mumbled with a mouth full of food, and when you finally stopped to collect yourself you realized that you were thirsty, so thirsty that the cholent was congealing to the roof of your mouth reminding you of your worst cases of pot induced cotton mouth. So you look around and to your horror realize that the hosts have not placed any sort of drinks at the table.

Now I have eaten at enough places to realize that some people merely forget to place drinks on the table, and are reminding with pleading eyes of those like me who have stuffed their faces drinkless until they realize they need something to wash it all down.

But what I am talking about are those people that simply do not have drinks readily available until the main course. What’s the deal yo? What’s with the drink police? Some water please!!! I just wish people would think drinks were as important as the challah and napkins and were placed on the table from the begining of the meal.