Parshas Re’eh devar torah

By Yosef Serabryanski

There comes a time when we let go and everything seems light. We suddenly realize that we are open and it seems like anything and everything can happen. We see nothing yet what often happens after is a new challenge, which can change our physical makeup and spiritual composition.

A door or portal opens, we do not know what is there but we move forward with strength and trust. It is this strength of self and character that we often have to reclaim.

(11:26) See (the source of that which) I give to you in the present (moment, some are easier to see like) blessings and (for others like) curses (you have to reach deeper or higher to see).

It is interesting the shape of the Hebrew letters for blessing (Bracha) is even and open with the past blocked while the size and shape of the letters for curse (Kelalah) go below and above regular size and balance. This is part of the complexities that are associated with understanding the values and placements of the Hebrew letters.

To ‘see’ does not mean that you know what will be. This is the sight that does not limit you to see only certain things. It is the ability to be open to seeing and accepting that which is beyond whatever spiritual and physical sights are before you.

Our system is corrupt because people have given their power away to those who do not know how to use their own power. We follow ready-made structures that distance us from our ability to connect with our own individual part in this creation. Now is a time to reclaim ourselves. As the world seems to be losing the connection with the Creator, individuals have the chance to reclaim that which they have given away.

(13:5) After God you should go means you should go check the source of the name or of what is revealed to you. It is similar to an explanation of shooing away a mother bird (the source) before you take the chicks (the effects). A meaning and translation of this is to go after the outcome and leave the source. If we focus on previous life issues we may miss the purpose in the present moment. However, if we focus on the present we will know our true purpose.

A choice of two ways is given to connect with the Creator. One is a shorter route and the other is longer. Either way you will end up going to a space that has a direct connection. If you respect that sacred space it will maintain your existence there. If you do not hold the purpose of that space as sacred, you will eventually be separated from it. God is marrying off the Jewish people to the land. It is their responsibility to accept that connection and to do what is necessary to maintain the bond.

The name of the land of Israel in Hebrew is Eretz Yisroel. This can mean that the desire of the oneness is to give (Yisroel is made up of two words, yashar means) straight (and el means) power. Eventually the whole world will receive directly from the Creator and not through intermediaries.

There is a power in the physical that does not exist in the spiritual. When we are connected with the Creator, then our experiences makes the connection through the physical exist forever. Otherwise our physical power is purely temporary.

People are now more open, than they were previously, to a new future. That is the reason that we see more extremist religious beliefs and groups coming to the fore. They come to remind us of their existence. The ancient magic and spiritual systems are being heard.

At the time that we are about to let go, all expressions of the past present themselves. They each want to be part of the future. We have the choice of whether to move forward or be stuck in past space with them.

There were souls that were not part of Adam and Eve in the story of The Garden of Eden. The imbalance caused by what happened in Eden is what caused all of the commotion in the world. There are many souls who have not been part of this creation and are waiting for us. When we move into the next dimension we will reconnect with a new vibration of souls who have been patiently waiting for us.

We see that governments are destroying their people as well as their lands. We have progressed to the point where it appears as if there is almost no safe haven left on the face of the earth. Many people have been waiting patiently to find a safe place. Yet at this point there are only possibilities, nothing definite has yet presented itself. The only safe place seems to be deep within each of us.

Last week when wrote that the Jews were chosen for something that will be in the future…we received the following comment:  The future is non-existent; there is only now, each moment flowing into the next. When we let go of the future the Kingdom is at hand. And as you said, go from nothing, into a new world and new creation where one continues to evolve without being stuck in the same realm.

The above statement should read: It seems that the Jews were chosen to realize no-thing that is bound to illuminate a new consciousness of something, within a new world. Once one realizes that there is no-thing in the world they live–everything becomes one– and they move consciously, into another plane or level with Creator, going from no thing to something.

Re-eh is about sight. It is about using one’s ability to see in order to know who or what to trust. In the Torah we are given clues about how to recognize false prophets and how to know about the components of those who would misdirect us. It is time to lose our fear, open up, connect, and pursue the true connection on order to go into the future.