Is it stealing to keep the airplane pillows?

So I’m back and I will jump right into it. I was sitting on  Turkish Airlines flight today from Turkey when I wondered in my head if I would be allowed to take the awesomely soft pillow and blanket with me as a souvenir and as a good addition to my collection of camping items for my car. I hesitated because upon landing I donned my yarmulke after a 3 day hiatus due to my fear of being openly Jewish in a Muslim country- and I didn’t want to prove the stereotype that Jews were in fact cheap.

But it got me thinking about “free item etiquette” things like soaps and shampoos from hotel rooms, that towel from your local motel 6 or the plastic pillows from that international flight which are already filled with your drool and dandruff. What are we allowed to take and what goes overboard.

One look at my bathroom would show you that I do go overboard with soaps and shampoos from hotels, I haven’t used a regular sized soap in years, but I never take items from the maids carts, I just dump in all the stuff from my room or friends rooms. I think its stealing to take from the cart, but if its in the room for your use, why not?

By the way- Turkish airlines have the best pillows, but going 11 hours without any food sucked big time.

By the way- I am off to a wedding- but I will bust out mad posts this coming week to satiate your appetites- I have some videos and loads of photos as well.