Parshas Eikev devar torah

By Yosef Serabryanski

Eikev – Life’s experience (Deut. 7-11)

Some people live their lives through definitions or experiences of the past. Others feel alive when they are convinced that their present experiences are happening in order to generate a purposeful future. There are other people who live life in the present.

(7:12) And it was (you were chosen) because in the end you will listen to (connect with the essence of all) these ordinances. It seems that the Jews were chosen for something that will be in the future. As humans we live much of our lives based on the illusion of what we think and believe.

By using the excuses of “in the name of progress,” “for the sake of business,” “in the interest of science,” and many other cover ideas, we formulate substances and ideals that end up destroying much of the world, while draining its resources. There are people who know how to respect the natural resources that we have and those who abuse it.

When we are born we begin to die. The further we move away from our point of origin the closer we come to our destination. The clock is ticking and the world is round, so the end and the beginning appear as the same point. One thing ends in order to allow another to begin. Destruction and death are actually an integral part of life as we know it, as death also brings new life.

I have explained before that we originate from nothing, which means that it has no definition. Yet it is, in fact, everything. When we let go of everything we hold onto, we become open to everything that is beyond our previous limited selves. Once we connect with the place that now appears to us as nothing, we then become one with the comprehension of nothing – which is the understanding of all life and existence.

Looking at the history of the people who were possible Messiahs we learn something very interesting. Jewish tradition states that if Moses had entered Israel, the destruction of the Temple and other issues would never have occurred. The level that Moses connected with the Creator was infinite on his level and therefore the connection through him would not have changed. People would remain stuck with the connection of the level of Moses.

The same is with any other person until now who might have been a Messiah. Mankind would have been stuck in the limits of that person’s level of connection. The ultimate is not to be stuck on any spiritual level.

In order to create a world where the Messiah opens up a new balance people have had to live through many experiences. These experiences, together with infinite spiritual levels that are what they are and do not change, will now be infused with a power from beyond limitation.

In the new existence there will not be an issue of being stuck and therefore no issue about growth. Each moment will open us up to a new indefinable experience. Till then we just need to be ready to let go of everything and learn to accept the life of each new moment.

Meanwhile we live in a place of which it says (10:16) And (when) you will remove the foolishness covering your heart and your stiff neck, they will not continue to make problems for you.

Life is filled with much foolishness and humor. There are some people who believe that everything was created by some power. There are other people who believe that everything evolved since evolution is part of nature. To believe that nature created itself requires a greater degree of belief than believing in God. To look at the infinite precise details of nature and say that they came from a theory requires a stronger ability to believe than belief in a Deity. Belief has various facets including making foolishness appear logical.

The spiritual quality (represented by the letters) that was inherent in the stone tablets that Moses received at Mount Sinai, departed due to the behavior of the Jews. The people were left with pieces of stone that once held a unique power (ch. 9). The physical body is what is most tangible to people. Spirit and life force are less tangible. People visit graves, honor physical objects and connect very deeply with spirit by connecting to the physical object through which a spiritual force passed at one time.

The only thing we can do is laugh. We do not control the universe, the world or even ourselves. We eat in order to gain strength. Sometimes a person can think that the strength that he/she has is his/her own. This is why after we eat it is important to spend a moment and thank the source of where the food received its life force. This constant awareness allows a person to stay in contact with something deeper than his/her consciousness.

To become part of a new dimension we need to focus on studying and comprehending more of what it means to be beyond the limit of the physical and spiritual worlds. Knowledge of that can create a bonding that is different. In order to rise beyond the nature of this creation we must prepare ourselves.

We have been in the process of following directives for thousands of years. We have been deluded into thinking that we have understood the purpose of those directives. Instead it is likely that being of human failing, we have needed to believe that we have understood perfectly the purpose of those directives. In actuality the precepts that we have been taught to cherish have been for the purpose of focusing us to connect with the Source of our existence. When we can let go, and simply give ourselves up to the true energy and direction of that source we will have entered a new dimension.

When we are ready for that transition, we will be nothing once again, yet we will have truly arrived.