Notes from the Jewish Blogger Convention yesterday

So as most of you know, one of the main purposes of my trip to Israel that was sponsored by webads Israel (which you can get paid to place a banner on your blog and write posts for) and Nefesh B’Nefesh was to attend the first international Jewish Bloggers Convention. First off it was loads of fun, I knew it would be, but when I showed up I was in a miserable state of depression combined with jetlag and head cold- I looked like crap and even told the organizers that I felt bad but I really didn’t feel like doing my scheduled performance.

It all changed when Stephen Leavitt from Webads announced that fellow comedian and blogger Benji Lovitt would take my place- I got up and said I would do it- and my mood instantly changed. Although the free food looked great I wasn’t too hungry, even Mom in Israel told me she showed up early so I shouldn’t eat it all.

I met so many bloggers and other interesting characters, most of the crowd was in their 30s and 40s I felt like little kid actually, but it was cool. I met commenter Mindy who is a future blogger but somehow got in the place. I met Rafi G of life in Israel who is one smiley dude- oh and Jacob he asked why I didn’t bring you.

It was a pretty diverse scene but still politics came up and Mr. Netanyahu spoke for a bit too long about completely off topic issues, he spoke of government blogging and things of the sort, but he probably offended some of the lefties in the audience. There was no shortage of gun carrying citizens of course and I met an old acquaintance from Rochester packing heat, and talking about guns to this reporter from Haaretz- his blog Double Tapper focuses on everything guns and defense about Israel and is really interesting.

Some Rabbi bloggers also showed up and I spoke with three of them. Rabbi Sedly, Rabbi Burton and Akiva from Mystical paths all turned out to be very happy and funny folks.

Batya from Shilo Musings and Meanader and the creator of kosher cooking carnivals was there as well and she encouraged everyone to join the Jewish blogging carnivals events by submitting posts and hosting them to increase Jewish blogger community size and awareness. Her husband won the waffle maker raffled off by Israel Mall. Submit your posts here.

I met a whole bunch of other bloggers but their blog names escape me now, Isramom gets a shout out, oh I can’t forget a long chat I had with one of the bigger Jewish Bloggers, Israelly Cool– I made fun of him a little bit during my comedy bit, because I one time asked him for a link on his blogroll, and that is way against blogger etiquette.

I also met up with an old classmate of mine from Manhattan Day School who runs the interesting blog Cannabus Chassidus and we later chilled and I got some footage of him talking about his ideals- and will have that up on You Tube shortly.

Ok I am done- time to go daven shachris aT 4:00 PM at the kotel. I have videos of myself speaking in front of the bloggers convention and will post them tomorrow.