Chilling in the ELAL Lounge

I am writing to you from the ELAL lounge at JFK airport, where I feel like a pimp, got me a press pass and I have been taking all the free stuff lying around. Got some of these pimp magazines for rich folks who own jets and yachts, the magazines weigh a ton but hey its free.

I got to skip the whole line and I have this pimp press pass hanging around my neck, yes I feel cool. I met someone I knew- who was bringing his sister to the aliyah flight and I spoke briefly with some fellow bloggers. They are about to have some ceremony involving cake and soda- andf speakers as well- but I just felt the need to blog- plus the folks from Nefesh B’nefesh and Web Ads Israel would like me to bust out some posts to pay for the free trip to Israel.

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