I’m going to Israel tomorrow

For all of you who are not regular readers and are not cool enough to have facebook or twitter, you may not have realized that I am going to Israel tomorrow in order to blog about the Nefesh B’Nefesh Aliyah flight and an individual making aliyah. I just found out that I am flying business class on the way there- which I hear is way better then the mile high club, although I wish I could take some cash and give up my business class ticket and fly in steerage. But really I hear that business class rocks, I am looking forward to the food, and although I don’t drink, maybe I can grab a bunch of sell em to people in coach.

While in Israel I will be staying on a random fans couch in return for some coffee, cigarettes and vodka- seemed like a good deal to me. I will also be doing a 15 minute bit at the International Bloggers Convention on August 20th- to register go here. I will also be doing my first “real” solo show and that will be in Jerusalem on August 24th at the Comedy Basement at the corner of King George and Ben Yehuda. Here are the details:

Sunday, August 24 2008, 20:30 – 17:00

Off The Wall Comedy Empire L’Mehadrin Presents:
Frum Satire: Heshy Fried- Rants about Frum Life

Frum Satire, Heshy Fried, in Jerusalem for one show only. His videos, hysterical posts, comedic rants, witty observations and playful banter have brought him to the forefront of Semitic Comedians.
His style has been described as a cross between Jackie Mason, Seinfeld and Oscar Wilde. FrumSatire.net, which was originally started as a place for the comic to save space on his hard-drive, has become a multi-faceted Frum Jewish comedy enterprise and among the most visited Jewish comedy sites on the web.
Lineup may change and other comedians may be added.
Off The Wall Comedy Basement- 34 Ben Yehuda (corner of King George- down the stairs, near the Mashbir)
25nis + 15nis drink minimum purchase

After Israel I will be going to Turkey for a few days, which should be interesting as well. I have been debating extending my Israel ticket, depending on how much work I can do from Israel- my new job is mostly internet related anyway. I expect to get some great new material from my trip- and I will be blogging during it- so fear not my fellow fans.

You have several hours- if anyone wants to pay me exorbitant amounts of money I can take a suitcase for you, or a computer, or a kids tricycle, hmm what else did people ask me to bring them…….