Parshas Voeschanan devar torah

I have decided that I would like to put up a devar torah each Friday- you can moan and groan, but I am firm in my decision. I feel that as a “frum blog” and an influential one at that- I may as well throw some torah up once in a while and erev shabbos seems like a mighty fine time to do it. If you would like to write a devar torah for me to post please send em over.

Written by Yosef Serebryanski

We are constant witnesses to miracles in our own body as well as in the world around us. This knowledge permits us to accept that at any given hour, minute or moment we are free to loose ourselves and submit to a higher power. This submission is humbleness, acknowledgement, freedom and allowance for change in one swift action.

Moses said (3:26), The name of God passed through me for your sake, but you did not listen to me and the name of God said to me to, it is much for you, do not add to speak further about this matter. (3:28) Connect with Yehoshua and strengthen him.

There are various types of listening and hearing. Sometimes it bounces off the person who hears or it goes in one ear and out the other. Then there is to what degree we allow it to penetrate us and in what manner we absorb it. Becoming one with the source of where the voice comes from is an art.

Although we are communicated to in a variety of manners, we are usually not taught the art of how to be attuned to listening. For those who are open and able to share as well as those who do not know how to receive this wisdom, the result is frustration.

(4:2) Do not add to the matter that I command you and do not detract from it. In the name of God we have created systems that add to and/or detract from the natural balance in creation. Those who have created structures for individuals and society often base themselves in their own interpretations rather than following the Creator’s perspective. In the end, our legal, religious and spiritual systems all have limitations that affect, bend, blind and/or bind people by virtue (or absence thereof) of their dictates.

(5:9) Do not turn right or left. People who travel a straight path are those who often do not fit into society. What a strange world we live in!

Being involved or stuck in a specific perspective does not help us to connect with the source of existence and creation. The only way to get to the future is to connect with something that is beyond our present limitations. People attempt to do that in different ways.

Living beyond and being in the physical world would be easier if people did not interfere. As individuals living within our own space, there would be a higher rate of success. Yet we were given everything in the physical realm that is necessary in order to connect with the Creator and to creative forces beyond our intellectual and spiritual selves.

It is a general assumption of mankind that the level of a man’s intellect makes him superior to others, and in fact, to all other life forms. This is a critical error in man’s thinking. Actually each creation possesses unique abilities of its own. Each creation exists here in order to contribute and share with others. In essence we are all (individually and together) an expression of oneness that lacks description. Sharing brings forth the oneness while control often destroys that potential. Part of our purpose here is to use our intelligence to assist things in coming together as one. Yet the sad truth is that instead we often use our abilities to separate and destroy.

Many worship only that which is tangible to them. The Jewish nation was warned against such conduct. Oneness and togetherness in any situation promotes strength and power. If mankind were truly united in pursuit of the Creator’s perspective, the power of what could be achieved by mere thought or simple words would be astounding to behold.

Then, those who are able to connect to the oneness of the beyond, where there is only one entity, will be even more powerful. That is essentially doing what the Creator wants, because then we connect with beyond definition. How this will actualize in this world or in the next world is a mystery of the future.

Mankind has long been in the systematic process of destroying all of what was given to us freely. The result has been that we have all paid a high price for that destructive process. There have been many times in history when transition was possible but did not happen. Our present space is another time when transition is possible, and the proper freedom can, once again, exist. The choice is ours to pursue that course.

There have been individuals who were able to move between the physical and spiritual worlds. Of those, some do it only on a superficial level. Others have the ability to go further yet they too are only able to reach a specific spiritual realm or level.

Why does the Creator choose some persons or people for one purpose or set of tasks and others for totally different reasons? It is similar to asking why was one part of the body chosen to do one thing and another part something different.

Not every individual is necessarily bound to the exact same dictates since each person’s source and purpose in this world or in another world varies. Sometimes the knowledge or ability to see a soul purpose can explain and define these things for us. Yet much is hidden from us or is simply beyond the soul, which makes it incomprehensible to mankind. Perhaps that is the reason that humbleness and humility have the ability to create a connection where one would not otherwise exist.

Sometimes we feel intense love from a distance for someone or something. It can be extremely painful to keep those intense emotional feelings in check, and not reveal them on all levels to the person for whom they are intended. Understanding this concept can give us a microscopic glimpse into the pain in the expression of love between the Creator and his creations.

There will be a time when physical distance or spiritual uniqueness will not interfere. At that time we will be able to effect movement by thought, and will transverse all distances instantaneously. Our abilities will not be restricted to being in only one place at a time since we will not have the attachment to the physical that we are presently subject to. This thought is challenging for most people as they can only relate to life as they know it in the present. Yet if we choose to live in a world where people know the proper ways to act and react in each moment, there will never be anything out of balance or out of place.

Physically we may be blocked from things that are open to us on a vibrational level. Blockages may exist for many reasons. One of those can be that they keep us focused in the present, allowing us to pursue our purpose at any moment.

To be open to two different dimensions at the same time and to remain balanced is an amazing experience. Being open with another creation to the degree of not needing to use words is wonderful. It is a total acceptance and understanding of the other person’s individuality, and merging together in oneness at the same time.

We all love the romantic notion of achieving that one relationship with a person who can understand us without the need for verbal communication. We understand the potential that the joy of that type of relationship can accomplish. Just imagine a world full of people who are able to live all together that way. Now you are presently living in the future.