When whites become the minority…

According to CNN, minorities won’t have that status by the year 2050, I for one am looking forward to that day, for a variety of reasons.

First of all, we white people can finally take advantage of affirmative action, and I don’t mean that shtick your friend from South Africa wrote on her college application about being “African American” I mean by writing white you will be considered a minority at major schools and jobs, not just at organizations like the NAACP and Howard University.

I can’t wait till there are stories in the paper about Denny’s workers refusing to serve white people at their restaurants.

I also can’t wait for race riots whitey style. I wonder will they burn down the golf courses or mansions in Westchester.

What about minority music, will the media start to write evil things about country and bluegrass music similar to the way they fought against gangsta-rap of the early 90s, most notably against the cop killer song.

I wonder if as white people we will ever feel what black people feel in terms of recognizing our differences and the way people treat us. I hear that the only way for white folks to ever realize how weird it is to be odd looking is when you go to Asian countries (the slanty eye variety) and realize that you look completely different then everyone.

Hmm…what other perks could we white folk enjoy when we reach minority status?