Is it possible to have mainstream Jewish hip hop?

Now I hope Y-Love doesn’t fret, but I recently found out about this dude Jewda Macabi, and he sounds like the real top 40 kind of hip hop you are likely to hear on Z100 style radio stations. You know, the kind of “rap” that really isn’t rap, but isn’t R&B either. That type of stuff that they play non stop for 3 months straight and then the next time you hear it, is at an oldies night at the local club. Ok maybe I am getting ahead of myself here, but besides for Eitan G, or Kosher Dillz, or Chutzpah, or any of the other crap that will never be anything.

The only promise we have is Y-Love and I think he is more talented and therefore more likely to stay in the underground. But you can decide, the video looks kind of scary, the guy sounds and looks like a regular old hip hop artist- except for the couple of Matisyahu accented lyrics, I think its pretty catchy. I hear he is originally from Puerto Rico or something- so that may explain his ability to shake and hand motion like a gang member rather then a Lubbie with an out of control beard.