Do you think frum women hyphenating their names is a problem?

Thank you ChanieF who sent this article from Crown Heights Info on over to me- it pertains to women hyphenating their names and retaining their maiden names after marriage and how its a problem. Fine, maybe it is maybe its not- I really don’t care nor do I have an opinion. BUT when the article said the following it irked me some.

“It is no secret that in other circles, the reason for deteriorating marriages, climbing divorce rates and the current shidduch crisis, is greatly due to the fact that the girls today are much more educated, knowledgeable and capable than the boys are. More than often times the bread-winner in the young family is the wife. Today with modern society and the plague of liberalism all around us, woman are no longer being taught to be mothers of children and good wives, instead liberalism is teaching them to become executives of large corporations and to try and become the man they were never meant to be! Retention of the last name is indicative of this recent “style” of women’s independence and when you enter into your marriage with a fear of losing your independence, then you are entering into this marriage shakily and with insufficient resolve! This unhealthy balance has brought much crisis and serious issues to the orthodox circles.”

I love it the plague of liberalism!!!

This one is even better:
“While I do sympathize with a girl’s desire to preserve a link to her familial heritage and her need to maintain her own reputation and her feelings for identity preservation, still, there is no doubt that this trend is founded on a feminist message which strays from the Torah tradition of marriage and makes a statement that women are not the husband’s property.”

Where do I sign up for property management classes to manage peoples wives?

I don’t know maybe its not that big of a deal- but that last part was the kicker.