Pray at the pump

Now I know when people daven they pray for all sorts of things. Some pray for ordinary things like money, good health, sex and doing well in miztvos, while others may pray for a good crop, good concert season and that their girlfriend is not cheating on them. Then there are those that pray at the pump. Thats right folks, a faith group out in St Louis had organized praying sessions for lower gasoline prices and it looks like it worked somewhat. I don’t expect gas to ever go below $3 a gallon again, in fact I think we will eventually have the same prices as Europe.

But that did get me thinking, as did that post a while back about paying people to find your wife at the kotel while praying, or was it praying at the kotel for a wife, no matter, whatever it was its a pretty lucrative business- this praying thing- because between you and me, most folks just don’t want to or know how to pray. I myself have been “praying” for close to a quarter decade (I just needed to say that) and haven’t really figured out how to pray. I got the shuckel down correct, but other then a few forward and backward strokes, some chest clops and a couple of bows- I don’t do much besides pinch the fat on my arm in between the tefilin straps- have you ever tried this? Its way fun.

Imagine if you could pay someone to pray for your health, wealth, family and loads of other things. I mean if we could have people praying at the kotel for us to find a wife, and folks praying for lower gas prices, we may as well have people praying for all sorts of things.