Do chassidim really do things backward?

My faucets in my house are backwards, they are all switched from the normal sides of hot and cold and they turn the opposite way- it makes for a confusing time when washing my hands, washing the dishes and taking a shower. I was informed recently that this may be because Chassidim own the house I live in and one of the “things” in the Chasidic community is to do things backwards.

A friend of mine worked as nurse in New Square and he said he went through hell to try and get a white jacket with the buttons on the normal side. He said that the buttons on mens and women’s clothing are opposite sides of normal. Hmm…taking the assimilation threat a little too seriously aren’t we.

How far does this backward way of doing things go and I don’t mean backwards in some closed minded way, I mean it in the literal way. I just want normal faucets. Even the thing I put my garden hose into goes the opposite way of normal.