Blog issues fixed and design upgrade

As with every other blog in the world, sometimes you need to upgrade, with the recent hacking of my site by unknown people who put the viruses directly in certain posts- I had to upgrade my security and theme. I have always wanted the theme you see now- I think its easier to navigate, and although I know many of you will complain, I think most of you will be the silent majority of people who want good content and could care less if the there are two or three columns.

Why the change?

I like the three column design because instead of scrolling to eternity to find the blogroll- you can find it towards the top on the left hand side. Recent posts and comments are still on the right, just higher up and more accessible then before.

I now have a contact page on the top of the site and sooner or later I will tweak everything else.

The CPU data issues are also being dealt with and hopefully we can kiss those goodbye by the end of the week.

You will notice that all my categories were lost and therefore navigation through the site will be best if done through the archives page, Best of section or search bar.

Other News

I got a new job today and although I would rather keep what I am doing out of the public view, I am happy with the position and very happy with the pay. I do thank you all that forwarded me links and followed up on different possibilities.