What do you think of Hechshers on raw fruit?

I know it sounds insane, but my father gave me a peach today, a white fleshed peach for that matter and made sure to note that the little sticker telling me it was from New Jersey or Mexico, with the little code on it also had a OU symbol. I was completely taken aback, then again water has a hechsher on it so we always knew the chumra patrol would put hechshers on fruit and veggies, but I figured it would be on things like spinach or lettuce which is clearly not kosher because washing it takes too much time and therefore its bittul z’man.

When does kasharus go to far? Or does it not?

When is something natural enough to be considered kosher? Does this mean that nothing is safe from the wrath of the charedi chumrsa patrol? Soon we may not be able to breath in certain places because treife smells are wafting through the air. Soon we may have to wear gas masks when we walk through a public place, and goggles to block out any pritzus or other triefe things.

I just hope they don’t ban berry picking- that would royally stink. Imagine going berry picking and it being like sport fishing where you have to dump all your berries out because they are treife.