Comment on the bear sighting in Monsey

I can’t remember where I copied this from, but about a month ago there were a couple bears roaming around Monsey.

There is a subspecies of bear which inhabits Monsey, Williamsburgh, Boro Park etc. This subspecies, which is easily distinguishable from its woodlands cousins by its large round fur head covering and long black coat, is known to consume 50 – 200 lbs of kigel, cholent and herring in a sitting and can be found in shul kiddushim as well as at brissin and chassunes. Heights range from five feet four inches to as much as six feet five inches, and weights range from 200 – 350 lbs with an occasional 400 pound specimen showing up during Tishrei which is peak season for sightings of such creatures. Usually friendly and not dangerous, but when such a bear pushes in order to get to the food he can cause damage by stepping on feet etc.