My company laid me off and now I need a job

My company laid me off, its as simple as that, in fact my last day is tomorrow. Of course it comes at a decent time, because I am going to Israel and Turkey for a couple weeks, but after that I am kind of screwed unless I can find something. The problem is I have no idea what to do….I guess I am looking for something in a similar yet more interactive field. Something where I can utilize my SEO, social marketing and web 2.0 skills in some capacity or another. I know its hard to find jobs in Monsey, but I am also kind of against working anywhere near the city- unless it sounds amazing. I am limiting myself to anywhere in America besides Florida and NYC- anyone have any ideas.

Oh and please don’t start telling me how I should do what I love and all that stuff, and open a bike shop or teach a class on hiking, be realistic. Oh and I don’t need much to live and wouldn’t mind perusing this blogging/comedy career a little more so I could essentially work part time as well.

Oh and if you would like to see my resume- please send me an email.