If I could find it on your website I wouldn’t be calling

It seems that more “efficient” that customer service lines are made, the more ridiculous and annoying they become. Take for instance the rather annoying always lengthy voice whenever you call a customer service number that “reminds” you that almost any answer can be handled on their homepage- it seems like they draw out the “www” to annoy you into hanging up, and I almost always do.

If I could have helped my problem online I wouldn’t be wasting my daytime minutes to call you freaking call centers in India would I?

I kind of wish they could film peoples faces and read inside their minds when these people have to navigate through an ever increasing amount of options because we have to listen to the entire message “because our options have changed”. Your damned right the options have changed, no more is zero the easy way out. Some brilliant person figured out that everyone hits zero right away, but then about 10 years ago- probably figured out by everyone canceling their free AOL service, someone had an epiphany.

Lets take away zero as an option, and punish whomever hits zero by making the menu start over again.

Oh the fury I get when I have to wait through a whole message to learn that you must press 9 or 7, they seem to favor those two numbers, to get to the operators, which don’t even speak English anymore. I am not trying to be “ignorant” but customer service representatives should speak a proper English. I can’t stand reaching a call center in India after waiting online for 2 hours.

Oh and how about the hold music, nope, no more cheesy elevator music, now they have advertisements or some other offer in which you can press a button and leave your call waiting for a few minutes of “free offer” bliss. Oh how I wish I could reach through the phone and strangle the operator.

What about the talking operator.

“Say or press your number now”

“I did not hear you, please say or press your number now”

“I didn’t quite get that, let me transfer you to an operator”


Or if you do get it right you have to confirm through the pound key or saying yes, if its mumbled or you have a Yiddish accent you may as well bang your head against the wall.

I just want to scream every time I am forced to call any sort of toll free number.

Ok any of you have any cool stories or insights into this issue?