How long would you wait in line to save 75 cents?

Its a simple question with a simple answer, unless you are 7 years old, probably not very long. In fact I would bet that none of you would stay in line very long for any amount of money under a few bucks, and even that is pushing it.

So why do I see lines of cars at gas stations waiting on line during “gas sales” which never mean you are going to save more then 5-10 cents a gallon, and unless you are driving an F350 super duty with double tanks, chances are you aren’t filling up more then 10-15 gallons anyway.

This isn’t a new phenomena even during my first year of owning a cat when gas prices were under a buck (gets all nostalgic) people would still rather wait on line to save 2 cents a gallon then go to the empty gas station across the street.

I feel like its the one aspect of cheapness ingrained in us, we never think about how stupid it is, even nonsensical- due to the idling car wasting gas, or the time being made up by driving fast wasting more fuel. Some people may say that the savings add up. That is great, but if you think about it, unless you drive 40,000 miles a year it really doesn’t.

Just as an FYI, I refuse to wait in line for gas, unless I will save a lot and I know all the crowded stations. Such as the ones on the Palisade Parkway, when returning from NYC I always take the lower level of the GWB and get off the Palisades exit which dumps me right by an always empty LukOil station.