Why are men so fascinated with holes in the ground?

Maybe women are too, but I know for a fact that men love holes in the ground, whether they be created by kids at the beach, construction workers in the street or by massive machinery in an open pit mine we love holes.

Next time your put walking with your man, and you pass a construction site you may notice that he has to look in the hole. I personally like seeing the different layers of street, cobblestone, asphalt, concrete and earth, along with wires, and other cool stuff only found in deep middle of the street holes. There is nothing quite like watching construction workers break the streets crust for the first time, jackhammers rock as well.

But even small holes, like the kind that ravage front yards when workers need to replace a pipe or something. These are fascinating as well, I wonder if women walk too close to the edge to see how deep they go. What about at the beach, I love those super deep holes with tunnels in them, that kids build. Even sinkholes are super cool, like those kinds that suck up cars and trucks when they form in the middle of busy intersections.

Are women as fascinated by holes?