Would you attend a wedding between a Jew and Non-Jew?

As many of you know I am not a big blog reader, in fact I rarely read any other blogs because most of them just don’t interest me. Once in a while I wander around and check out the folks on my blogroll and other big bloggers to see what they are saying. I have been reading Abandoning Edens Blog off and on for the past few months and really enjoy her documentation of her struggle between her orthodox parents and her chosing of a non-Jewish man to marry. The back and forth between her parents and herself is quite interesting.

Just this week she wrote that her parents said they would not come to the wedding of their own daughter, because coming to the wedding would mean they acknowledge the marriage of their daughter to a non-Jew. I understand their logic and I agree and disagree at the same time. Its kind of a tossup, I know my old man would probably say the same thing if I were to wind up in the same situation- actually I think he would kill me literally before I could ever make it to the chupa or whatever they call it- wedding canopy.

Would you attend your child’s wedding if they were marrying a non-Jew? What about someone else who was of no relation to you? Do you think attending a wedding between a Jew and non-Jew condones intermarriage?