Another shidduch crisis theory

So my friend Yoni takes the credit for this theory which seems to make sense. He stated that you may notice that as women get older they become more career driven and successful, but usually single men top off and start to become nebachy (weird) and I must say I have definitely noticed this phenomena. I have definitely noticed this in out of town shuls, there are always a few older single guys and they are always weirdos, but the women are usually put together and not too weird- I mean anyone over 20 and single is pretty weird right?

In my dating experience I have found that overall the girls I have dated consistently made double what I made and were way more put together in terms of financial security, life planning etc… this may be because girls schools of the religious world teach their students to spell properly- but I am not really sure. I just blame it on my yeshiva education or lack thereof.