Who’s your muktza B#tch now?

So I know the language is a little harsh, but this is a Pg site and I just had to write this post since its been in my head for some time so bear with me. A muktza bitch is someone who is basically a Jewish shabbos goy usually of the yeshiva rebel variety.

Across the land we are learning what actually happened to yeshiva rebels of the 90s and in fact most of them have become muktza bitches, since they usually reside with at least one shomer shabbos roommate. The shomer shabbos roommate may come home from shul to find all the lights in the house on and the air conditioners off. Luckily for the shomer shabbos roommate his muktza bitch roommates know exactly what to do- its almost like the picture perfect shabbos goy- one that you don’t have to tell what to do- they just “know”, unfortunately for the shomer shabbos roommate- deriving benefit from a Jew breaking shabbos is assur- so your screwed either way.

So next time you shomer shabbos types are watching TV with your roommate muktza Bitches you may want to refrain from voicing your opinions that may cause them to change the channel.