What do you tell your date if you need a long bathroom break?

A buddy and mine were talking about last weeks bathroom post over shabbos and he mentioned the three S rule of shidduch dating which was S–t, shower and shave. Then of course the conversation turned to the embarrassing event of having to go to the bathroom for a prolonged period of time on a shidduch date. What’s a guy or girl to do?

Do you just go to the bathroom and not say anything?

Do you say exactly what your going to do? (no you don’t tell them whether you sit or stand to wipe)

Do you say you need to use the bathroom and “may” be a while?

Do you say that you have an important phone call?

Do you hold it in and pray?

Do you wear diapers on dates?

Talking about the bathroom is untznius- and you just get up and say your getting some drinks, and upon returning you say the line was long or someone tried to rob the bar.